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Epic Ultimate Results Credo

Epic was created to Change Lives!  We want to be the BEST part of our client’s day, EVERYDAY.  We want to show our clients how Epic can change their life.  We want to be motivators, partners, someone invested in their success that provides inspiration to accomplish what they may have thought was never possible. 

We pledge to deliver the finest customer experience by always delivering a positive attitude, great energy, a non judge mental environment and to love our clients as family while we offer our clients everything they need to accomplish a specific goal.  

The EPIC experience will instill confidence, while being motivators, partners and someone invested in their success that provides inspiration to help get them the “Ultimate Results” they have been looking for! 

Employee Promise- Here are the values in which we live! 

E- Educated, Passionate, & Professional Staff that embrace Teamwork-“WE, not ME”

P- Positive ENERGY and Attitude in a clean pristine environment

I- Inspire greatness everyday by learning constantly and always listening!

C- Culture that is unique and creates positive energy in a non intimidating family atmosphere that delivers result.

3 Steps of Service:

1. A warm-sincere greeting when they walk in the door.  Use all client’s/member’s names.

2.   Strive for excellence in all that you do. 

3.   A Energetic, enthusiastic farewell. Give a warm-good-bye and use the client’s/member’s name