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Gail Erlitz

I love everything about UR!

3 years ago on Oct 6th I walked into Ultimate Ride and took my first spin class. When I got off the bike 45 minutes later my legs were jello and I could barely walk to the car. My butt was so sore too! But I came back and took another spin class (and another and another!) and I have never left! I love everything about UR. Gayle, Jayme and all the trainers are there for us. Never in my dreams did I ever think I would be spinning, rowing, doing small groups, zumba, bells & ropes, boot camps etc! I will be turning 60 in November and I have never been in as good shape as I am now and that counts my 20 years in the Army! I love everything about UR and I can't imagine my life without Jayme, Gayle and all my other peers at UR!



Bill Snover 


img_testimonial1As men we had coaches when we played sports....we still DO! 

I am married to Cheri Snover, I have 2 daughters and 1 step-son. I enjoy running, hiking, cycling, different types of fitness and motorcycle riding. I gained 30 lbs over 16 years ago when I stopped smoking. I started at the UR by entering the Thinner Winner weight loss challenge only to encourage my wife. I knew that I felt "limited" by what I could do because somewhere inside of me there was an athlete waiting to get out. We started watching what we ate and started attending Functional Fitness sessions three days a week. Although I leave worn out, it's like recess to me . After just a few short weeks I began to see changes and I soon was hooked. I get bored easy and the best part is every workout is different. When I get here in the mornings, I feel like I am with family and friends. I also feel comfortable and accepted. Everyone is there to be the best we can be today! As men we had coaches when we played sports, we still do!!! We will never be all we can be by ourself. I get all this "fun" PLUS great results. My goal is to run a half marathon and I will keep training until I get there. Bottom line is I really am thankful that I came to support my wife. I am also thankful that Cheri found the UR! It has changed her in many of the same way. We love Ultimate Ride ... it's been a great RIDE! 




Gayle Crawford


img_testimonial2I am in better shape than ever.

Having never been much of an exerciser, the first day I walked into the Ultimate Ride to take a spin class with my daughter, I felt as if I had taken a step into an unknown world. That was June 2010 and I am still “spinning” in that world! But my journey goes way beyond the spinning classes. I have done kangoo, indo-row burpees (which are not my favorite) and so many other things that I never dreamed I could do. At 59 years old, I feel like I am in better shape than I have ever in my life. The results of these 2 1/2 years have resulted in lost weight, lost inches, more energy and just an overall feeling that for once in my life I have done something for myself. I can honestly say that I have GAINED much more than I have lost. Jayme, Gayle and the other staff and clients at The Ultimate Ride are amazing. I have made so many friends through this journey. We have laughed, cried and “lost” together. Each person’s success is celebrated by all. If you are looking for a place to get in shape, feel better about yourself and make new friends, then The Ultimate Ride and Fitness is the place for you.



Teresa Gurnee


teresa side-sideI will continue to get healthier and healthier with my UR family! 

This morning I was called a "gym rat" — never in a million years would I have thought that I would start every day at the gym, but here I am craving my fix of the Ultimate Ride and Fitness every day!!!! It is hard to put into words the effect that all the ladies at the UR have had on my life. There are ladies that are an inspiration to someone like me. Those of you that have turned their life around from fat to fit are just inspiring to me. I would never have started this journey if it wasn't for Jayme Durand sticking me on that incumbent bike that first time. From the very beginning in the basement she has encouraged me to "step outside the box." Jayme Durand, Nancy Kieltsch and Gayle Shafer have all had a positive influence in my life. I am probably the heaviest client that they have ever had and in 4 years all taken off over 200 pounds!!! I slipped and gained some back and was embarrassed to come back....but when I did....it was like coming home!!! The last 6 months I have taken off 118 pounds....and did something I have worked so hard for...I am now on a regular spin bike! I hope I can.....no I will continue to get healthier and healthier with my UR family!!! And that is what you guys have become.....FAMILY!!! I love each and every one of you!!! I truly feel blessed by God to have found you!!!

Cheri Snover

tina mckenney

You just need to take that step of FAITH and commit yourself to what UR has to offer!

“I hurt so bad physically and mentally I knew I had to do something that would strengthen by body and redirect my thinking so I thought about exercising. When I saw someone I knew on Facebook and saw that they were wearing their work shirt that had the scripture Nehemiah 6:3 on the back of it, it spoke volume to me.

As I mentioned earlier I had been battling neck and arm pain so in April of 2014, I had 2 discs replaced and a plate put in my neck. Before my surgery both Jayme and Gayle kept their eye on me to make sure I didn’t do more damage before my surgery. Two days after my surgery on my way home from the hospital I stopped by the gym and ask them, “When could I come back!” I thought they were going to fallout!! I took all of April and most of May off with getting in an occasional SPIN class while my husband worked out so I could just see everyone. On May 28th, the doctors allowed me back into the gym with limitations. Jayme took those limitations and made all the modifications I needed to come back. I have never been anywhere that would go out of their way for me. The BIG thing about all of this is that doctors were amazed at my recovery. The recovery time for my type of surgery is 6 months to 1 year. I was released in 3 months and 13 days! I give all the credit to UR and the way they took care of me, prepared me physically for my surgery and encouraged me afterward. On August 29th, I made my 1 year Frequent Sweater Status.

You just need to take that step of faith and commit yourself to what the Ultimate Ride has to offer. The UR Team is all about their members and you won’t be “just a number," they take the time to get to know you. Talk to them and don’t keep anything from them, they are truly here to help you! 

Nicole Olson


Nicole Olson website b4 and afterUltimate Ride and Functional Fitness have changed my life.

Ultimate Ride Functional Fitness has made a huge difference in my life and my weight loss.  I have been to other gyms and being a larger girl, felt very intimidated and overwhelmed by the people and equipment. At times I felt as if I was just a number and that all that mattered was my monthly membership payment. Jayme and small groups has made me feel that I have a support team that wants me to lose the weight and get healthy just as bad as I want it! Don't get me wrong, I have had to put in the effort and work hard but if you are willing to push and try, then the Ultimate Ride Team will push you! I used to say "I hate to workout" and "it's just another thing on my to do list" but over the last 8 weeks of small groups, I have come to look forward to getting up and meeting whatever challenge Jayme has planned for the day! It's hard work; you sweat and are sore the next day! But, the results are there! I have lost 75 pounds with the help of the Functional Fitness area. I am no longer just a number, but am a part of a group that cares. 

Shelly Keip
shellyI can't wait to go back! 

Almost a year ago my sister came to me and said, you got to do something different. Put me in the car and took me to Jayme. I can’t even remember who was working out with us but I remember I wanted to die. I couldn’t breathe, my muscles (or lack thereof) were fatigued, I felt like I was going to puke, and I was covered in sweat... I looked at my sibling, and said "I’m never going back" she laughed and said "yea you are" ... 10 months later, still can’t breathe, feel like puking, muscles (have some now) still fatigued, glistening with sweat ... but I can say, I can’t wait to go back! Thanks girls at UR!






Glennis Hager


img_testimonial3I love small groups!

I am about to start my fourth round of Small Groups.  I initially joined in order to strengthen my core in hopes of helping my back problem.  I also have osteoporosis.  I was scared to death of doing anything that might cause me to fall or strain my back.  I was hoping to gain a little strength and quit being such a wimp. My results have been unbelievable!!! Of course, an obvious result is increased muscle mass. More important to me is my back problem is (most of the time) non-existent. I've also found that I work out more efficiently and burn more calories in spinning and my other workouts than I did before. The classes are fun and the time flies by. The individual attention helps a lot and keeps everyone working hard. I'm no longer afraid to try new things and enjoy the lift that I get when I accomplish something I couldn't do before. Small groups is the perfect accompaniment to the other classes I enjoy.







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